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We promote fairness, equality, family and, most important, the best interests of the children. We also encourage the involvement of both parents in the lives of children, promote mutual respect and cooperation between the genders, and are dedicated to making divorce less adversarial and encouraging all of the parties to work together. These then provide the best role models for the children. We greatly encourage parents to step forward and assume responsibility for their children, improve themselves, and be the very best they can be.

Our theme: "Kids Need Both Parents"; encouraging men and women to cooperate, show mutual respect, and work together--in the best interest of children.

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit, tax-deductible group. Money goes to program services and activities to help children, families, and parents.

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Portland, Oregon
Mel was on FOX News Channel. Mel Feit, Director of the National Center for Men was on Fox News. Talking about the value of both parents involved with their children.
Contact The National Center for Men, Director, Mel Feit, who has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows. Contact him for nation wide counseling information:
E-mail.... Menscenter@AOL.com
Phone.... 516-942-2020

Kids Need Both Parents Center, National Center For Men, Oregon Chapter
PO Box 6481, Portland OR 97228-6481

James P. Whinston

Meetings Mon 7pm, 905 NE 11, Portland, OR.
Live Radio: 1450 AM, Thurs 6-7pm, webcast/archived at KPSU Radio
TV: Sun. 11am Ch 11, Wed. 7pm Ch 22, Fri 6:30pm Ch 21, Sat 4:30pm Ch 23, Sat 8:30pm Ch 21.